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ALAYA is a Franco-Swiss event agency specialized in enhancing human relationships by creating unique and meaningful experiences.

Our mission is to give new life to an individual or a company, by proposing events focused on well-being, striving to improve all aspects of life for our clients.

We believe that we exist to experience, explore, feel and share emotions.

What if we transform our life’s moments into something magical? Closer to the people, closer to the heart?


Creating strong and unique moments... making people more aligned with their lives, happier, more vibrant, that's what inspires and drives us.

ALAYA turns ideas into reality, wishes into lived experiences.

Our reputation for the high-quality of our events is solidly established, thanks to our recognized know-how, but also and above all, for our human approach towards our clients.

The satisfaction of our clients is at the heart of our mission, and our main motivation is to offer personalized events that make a difference and meet their expectations.

ALAYA invites you to slow down and make a fresh start with us.

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