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Inter'action Workshop

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A reboot day!

Discover our tailor-made formula for a day at the office like no other, offering a new perspective on yourself, others, and the company.

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1 - Zen session

Nothing better to start the day with a meditation session to improve concentration, reduce stress, calm the mind and feel relaxed.

2 - Interactive workshop

How to find your place in your life and in the company? An interactive workshop addressing the themes of performance, surpassing oneself, and resilience.

3 - Cooking Session

Introduction to the importance of healthy eating for health and productivity at work. Preparation and tasting of healthy, easy and quick dishes with a Chef.

4 - Well-Being workshop

Round table discussion, sharing of ideas and experiences on : resilience, surpassing oneself, quest for happiness. Then share ideas on how to improve the corporate culture.

5 - Social experiment

An original and moving experience to get to know each other better and create authentic and durable bonds.

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