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"Déclic" conférence 

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Discover soon the first edition of the DECLIC conferences! (in french)

And one day, I dared...

This is the theme of this event where you will have the opportunity to discover quality speakers who have changed their lives and come to share their inspiring story. 


How to know who you really are, what you want, how to bounce back from failure, how to take action, and how to accept change.


The goal of this conference is to convey ideas and experiences by provoking reflection, inspiration and creativity in listeners by offering them an opportunity to explore new perspectives and expand their horizons.


This format also aims to foster connectivity and idea sharing between different communities and create a network of people who are looking to make a positive difference in the world, in their personal or professional lives.


This event can also help people develop their self-confidence, determination, and dedication to achieve their goals and dreams.


Date & Place: September 2023 in Nice.


More info soon! Stay tuned!

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